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Nadine Lustre dares Viva Entertainment to sue her for unilaterally terminating her contract

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Singer-actress Nadine Lustre is daring Viva Entertainment to sue her for unilaterally cancelling her contract with her management outfit for 10 years.

Speaking through her counsel Lorna Kapunan, Nadine branded her contract with Viva as “unconscionable, oppressive and illegal”.

By bringing the case to the court, Kapunan said Viva risks seeing a David striking out a Goliath “that has taken advantage of young artists in the industry for the longest time”.

Any legal action by Viva, Kapunan stressed, will pave the way for the litigation of Nadine’s contract in the proper forum.

Nadine, who was also on the news recently after he and partner James Reid announced that they have already parted ways, broke the news on Monday (January 27) that she has unilaterally terminated her contract with Viva without stating the reasons.

But Viva countered by warning anyone who will deal with Nadine directly that will be liable for breach of contract, stressing that the 26-year-old actress is still legally an exclusive artist of the outfit. 

It warned: ”Viva shall initiate appropriate legal action against Nadine and/or third parties that directly deal with Nadine in contravention of Viva’s management contract.”

Nadine worked under Viva since 2009, starting as a member of girl band “Pop Girls”. Viva also produced her movies. Her former boyfriend James left the agency last year and established  his own music label Careless. Nadine is now also a contract artist of Careless.

Kapunan said they have not received any official response from Viva since they informed the outfit of Nadine’s decision. “Instead, they “chose to wait in ambush to malign Nadine and harass third parties dealing with her in good faith. This is wrongful and malicious contract interference by Viva actionable in law for damages.”

Yassi Pressman asks netizens to stop cyberbullying sister Issa as fans demand to know real story behind JaDine breakup

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It seems that Nadine Lustre herself does not believe that Issa Pressman is the third party that triggered the end of her nearly four-year relationship with James Reid.

This is apparent in the Instagram post of Issa’s elder sister Yassi on Wednesday (January 22). Yassi’s photo shows she and Nadine were together drinking wine on the night of January 21, or just when netizens were bombarding social media with hate messages against Issa for her alleged role in the JaDine breakup.

Yassi said she and Nadine found the social media posts amusing at first, until the attacks against her sister became too harsh.


She commented in her post: “This was me and nadz last night, watching how some of us become cruel over untrue statements.  Initially we all laughed about how crazy the things that woke us up yesterday were, and then…. they started getting out of hand, at di na yun tama.. Ayaw na po sana namin patulan, but we decided to post something because cyber-bullying is not okay, it is never okay.”

Yassi said she was forced to speak over Instagram in defense of her sister because Issa would rather just remain quiet over the dragging of her name into the issue. “Hindi po papatol ang kapatid ko sa mga sinasabi ninyo. Pero bilang Ate, hindi ko naman po yata kayang panuorin na patuloy po siyang binabato ng mga masasakit na salita dahil nananahimik siya.” 

She appealed to netizens to “be careful with the words you say, and things you think are true on social media.” 

“They’re not always the truth. Do not be so quick to point fingers, when you do not have the proper information,” she continued. “We’re all okay. Sana po kayo din. Let’s respect everyone.” 

But in the same post, some still pressed Issa to clear her name if indeed she had nothing to do with the JaDine breakup. Some also demanded that the true story be revealed.

@belajadeee_08, for instance, said: “Bakit po hindi dene defend ni ms.issa name niya po ? She needs to speak out para po maclear niya name niya . We’re so glad kasi you’re all okay pero as a fan we need to know the truth po . God Bless po ”

@rynyryyy seconded: “@belajadeee_08 true kawawa ang fans. They deserve to know the truth!” 


Nadine and James, in a joint statement released last January 20, officially announced that they have separated romantically, although they will continue to work together, as Nadine is a contract star of James’ music label Careless. JaDine were supposed to celebrate Year 4 of their relationship on February 11.

Did James Reid just replace Nadine Lustre with a self-confessed bisexual

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Issa Pressman is perhaps the most-hated “villain” on social media today.

She was widely tagged as the culprit behind the James Reid – Nadine Lustre (love team JaDine) breakup. Netizens allege that she had been flirting with James since last year.

Issa is a sister of another Kapamilya star Yassi Pressman (leading lady of Coco Martin in the hit series FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano).

Checking on reports related to Issa showed that she confessed one time that she is a bisexual. She even disclosed in November 2018 that she was in a relationship with singer Marga Bermudez, who is known as Marga on the Mic.

In a message to the LGBTQI+ community, Issa once said: “For them, it was just, ‘If you’re happy with what you’re doing, if you think that what you’re doing is something that would make you happy, could make you happy, then go ahead.’”

Issa and Marga were still together up to the middle of 2019. Interviewed at the MEGA Equality Ball 2019 last June 12, Issa said: 

“And I always knew that I was gonna be with a person whom I’m actually in love with, whether if he’s a boy or a girl. So for me love is love.”

She was even proud of being an inspiration to the LGBTQI+ community: “Afterwards, when we went out in public, it was just like a normal thing. It was so much better because apparently more people got inspired. We got messages about it, and I’m very thankful for that.” 

Issa also has a good following on social media. Her Instagram account @pressmanissa has more than 361,000 followers. Her Twitter account @issapressman, meanwhile, is being followed by more than 19,400 people.

Netizens are all over Issa on Twitter. She is being bashed in all the top Trending in Philippines topics on Tuesday afternoon. The Top 5 trending topics are all about the JaDine breakup: #JaDine, Issa, Nadine, #LeaveJuliaBarrettoAlone and James Reid.

In a joint statement released on the “Tonight With Boy Abunda” talk show on ABS-CBN Monday night, James and Nadine officially confirmed that they are no longer together: 

“It’s true that we have split up, but not for all the reasons that are being spread on the tabloids and social media, but because after quiet and mature conversations, we decided to focus on ourselves not only for our careers but more for our personal growth as we are still young and we want to achieve as much as we can.

“We agreed that going separate ways was best for both of us. We are in good terms and are still really good friends and will continue to work with each other especially when it comes to music.” 

“Thank you for all the JaDine fans for their undying support and we hope you continue to support us now and in the future. We shall forever be grateful to them for their love and understanding. Thank you.” 

This ended more than two weeks of circulating rumors that the two were already estranged romantically, but still together professionally, as Nadine has an existing contract with James’ music label Careless. 

Radio talk show host Jobert Sucaldito gets flak for suicide joke versus Nadine Lustre

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Netizens are urging Nadine Lustre to sue fellow Kapamilya talent and radio talk show host Jobert Sucaldito over his suicide joke against the actress.

In their DZMM program “Showbuzz”, Sucaldito made harsh comments against Nadine for her rebuttal of a column of Ricky Lo in the Philippine Star about her rumored separation with live-in partner James Reid, the other half of the JaDine star couple. 

Sucaldito said he did not like how Nadine disputed the contents of Lo’s column. The DZMM host said Nadine has herself to blame for her reported breakup with James.

Sucaldito apparently made fan of Nadine when he commented: “Di ba ‘yun naman ang gusto nila? Kuno kuno may mga labas ang pwet, naka t-back pa doon sa building tapos may nakalagay na mga caption na parang gustong tumalon. Sana tumalon na lang, kung ganun lang din naman pala.”

This joke gave birth to the hashtag “#SuicideIsNotAJokeJobert”, where netizens countered with nasty comments.

@dklustre said: “Having a toxic, insensitive and entitled journalist like Jobert Sucaldito is such  a shame. U insulted someone (Nadine)  because of her mental illness and told her to jump off the building. Srsly, ang bobo mo. U just encouraged someone to commit suicide++”.

@tomflordeliza commented: “The year is 2020 and Nadine Lustre may be wearing her first suit when she finally decides to submit a libel case and sue Jobert Sucaldito’s whack ass. Now that’s an OOTD I can’t wait to see lmaoooo #SuicideIsNotAJokeJobert.”

This was seconded by @jethgregorgeous: “Remember Erik Santos and his management also filed a Libel case against him two years ago. Willie Revillame left ABS because of him. He embarassed Morissette in public  television. He also called Maymay Entrata “Ilusyonada”.”

Some of the netizens said Sucaldito’s suicide joke goes beyond Nadine, as it is an issue involving mental state that needs to be addressed seriously and should not be made a subject of a joke.

ABS-CBN News head Ging Reyes, in an official statement via Twitter, said: “We in ABS-CBN News take the issue of mental health very seriously. This was even the subject of a recent documentary that was produced. We are investigating reports that DZMM host Jobert Sucaldito uttered inappropriate and insensitive comments regarding actress Nadine Lustre’s state of mental health. Our journalists and other members of our team are accountable for their on-air statements.” 

As of 3 p.m. on Wednesday (January 8), the hashtag #SuicideIsNotAJokeJobert already had over 134,000 tweets.

JaDine breakup a fake news? Fans in uproar as Nadine and James keep mum on rumor

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It seems Nadine Lustre and James Reid are just letting JaDine fans do the talking for now regarding their rumored breakup.

It’s been several days already since a report claimed the two, who were openly saying they are living together, have gone on separate ways “due to irreconcilable differences”.


Up to now, however, there is still no official word from both camps. Nadine and James have not even posted on their social media accounts anything about their relationship. The only time one of them mentioned the other was in a New Year’s Eve celebration interview of James with ABS-CBN News.

In that interview, James said Nadine is among the contract artists of his music label Careless and that they’ll “be all together later, celebrating and counting down over in Makati.” 

But JaDine fans wouldn’t have any of it. They stormed the social media and posted pictures of the two together to dispute the report of PEP.ph that James and Nadine have already ended their relationship.

The report cited a source who said claimed Nadine has left Reid’s home. It also said this is why the two have not shared a photo of each other on social media since October.

It even cited a recent Instagram post of Nadine where she captioned a black-and-white photo of her with: “For good reason, lost all of my love.” In another post, Nadine said: “I can’t be who you want.”

As to why Nadine and James have not said a word about the issue up to now remains a mystery. Of course, JaDine fans are saying that this breakup report is nothing but fake news.

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