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MMDA to allow street parking in designated areas near cemeteries on November 1

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MMDA to allow street parking in designated areas near cemeteries on November 1

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is relaxing its campaign against street obstructions and illegal parking in areas near cemeteries on November 1.

But MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia clarified that these areas will have to be officially designated by the local government units (LGUs) as temporary parking sites for Filipinos visiting their deceased loved ones on All Saints’ Day.

Also, Garcia said motorists should make sure their vehicles will not obstruct traffic low. “Case-to-case basis; kung ikaw ay nakaharang sa gitna ng kalsada at walang makadaan, puwede kang i-tow kasi obstruction ka na,” Garcia said in an interview with ABS-CBN News on Wednesday (October 23).

The MMDA, he added, will be meeting with LGUs next week to formulate schemes that will ease vehicular traffic around cemeteries on November 1. They will also identify the designated parking areas. Vehicles parked outside these designated parking areas will be towed. 

The suspension of the campaign against illegal parking is a welcome development to millions of Filipinos who are expected to flock to Metro Manila cemeteries for the annual visit to the graves of their departed relatives. 

The MMDA and LGUs will also ensure proper coordination so the smooth flow of people going in and out of cemeteries will not be hindered by movement of vehicles.

“Maximum tolerance. Puwedeng in the sense na lifted muna, pero sa vicinity lang ng sementeryo na ia-identify ng LGU,” Garcia said. 

The MMDA is now crafting its own traffic management plan for the All Saints’ Day so it will be synced with those of the LGUs.

Garcia also announced that the number coding scheme will not be in effect on November 1.

Metro Manila malls to adjust operating hours starting Nov. 11 to help ease traffic flow

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Metro Manila malls to adjust operating hours starting Nov. 11 to help ease traffic flow

Metro Manila malls have committed to do their share in easing traffic flow during the holiday season by tweaking their weekday operating schedules and promotional schemes starting November 11 up to January 10.

This was the result of the meeting between the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and representatives of mall operators and owners on Tuesday (October 22).

In the meeting, MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia said it was agreed that from Monday to Friday, malls in Metro Manila will open shop at 11 a.m., instead of the regular 10 a.m. opening. There are about 100 malls in Metro Manila, with an average staff of 2,000.

In doing this, the volume of people traveling to the metropolis during the rush hours to make it on time for the opening of malls would be greatly reduced, Garcia said.

The employees of the malls alone would no longer join the morning rush to their workplaces, already translating to 200,000 (2,000 employees multiplied by 100 malls) people off the Metro Manila roads.

Aside from this, the long queue of vehicles of customers entering the malls will be avoided until after the rush hours.

Aside from adjusting the start of operating hours during weekdays, the malls owners and operators have also committed to avoid conducting mall sales during weekdays. These mall sales attract heavy volume of shoppers, causing gridlocks around the shopping areas.

For deliveries, Garcia said malls will be adjusting the delivery window to between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.

The Metro Manila malls were also asked to add security personnel that will assist the traffic personnel of the MMDA and local government units in ensuring smooth flow of vehicles in their respective areas.

MMDA warns public: No city ordinance, no street parking

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MMDA warns public: No city ordinance, no street parking

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) reminded the public that it will only allow street parking in areas where a city or municipal ordinance allows it. In the absence of an ordinance allowing on-street one-side parking, the MMDA said it will be towing parked vehicles, consistent with the order of President Duterte to clear the roads of obstructions as a way to ease the flow of traffic.

This was stressed by MMDA Command Center chief Edison Bong Nebrija in an interview with radio station DZMM on Tuesday (September 10).

Nebria said mere barangay ordinances allowing street parking in certain areas will not suffice.

“Kalsada po iyan. Wala pong ano (kapangyarihan) ang barangay d’yan, mag-ano (labas) sila ng kanilang resolusyon, ordinansa. It needs to be approved by the city for the overall city traffic management plan,” ani Nebrija said in the DZMM interview. 

Nebria cited the case of Barangay Bagong Lipunan, Quezon City, which allows one-side parking on an inner road near Camp Crame. 

“They need to resolve it among themselves. Kung bibigyan po ng ordinansa ng city iyan, then wala kaming magagawa kundi igalang iyan. Pero kung wala, wala naman po kaming magagawa kundi ipatupad,” Nebria said, referring to the directive of the President to clear road obstructions.

Barangays captains and mayors were given a September 27 deadline to clear the streets. The Department of the Interior and Local Government said these local officials face sanctions if they fail to follow Duterte’s directive, including suspension.

Mandaluyong City, under Ordinance No. 358, S- 2005, allows on street parking. Paragraph A of Section 54 of the ordinance states that “The City’s Traffic and Parking Management Office is hereby authorized and directed to establish, mark and designate portions of a thoroughfare as pay parking zones.” 

MMDA Regulation No. 96-003, Series of 1996, authorizes the towing and impounding of stalled and illegally parked motor vehicles and/or attachments thereof in Metro Manila. This covers primary and secondary roads.

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