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Matteo Guidicelli is off the hook after the bodyguard he reportedly punched accepted P200,000 settlement

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If the reports are true, Matteo Guidicelli is now off the hook after the bodyguard who accused him of physical assault right after his wedding with Sarah Geronimo last February 20 has agreed to a cash settlement.

This was through the efforts of Viva Entertainment Chairman Vic del Rosario, who met with Sarah’s bodyguard Jerry Tamara last February 26 in his office. Tamara, in the meeting, was accompanied by Raffy Tulfo, who was approached by Tamara for help.

Sarah and Matteo were also supposed to be there at the Viva office meeting, but del Rosario said they have to fulfill commitments with their TV station ABS-CBN that day.

According to a report of ABS-CBN, Tamara agreed to accept P200,000 as settlement. He will no longer file charges against Matteo Tamara claimed that Matteo punched him on the neck for informing Sarah’s mother, Divine, of their wedding. Before this, there was a heated exchange of words between the camps of Divine and Matteo at a hotel in Bonifacio Global City.

The wedding was kept secret to the public, although columnist Ricky Lo broke the story in his column in the Philippine Star. On the day of the wedding, Sarah even attended the taping for her program in ABS-CBN. She only wore a T-shirt when she exchanged “I dos” with Matteo. 

According to ABS-CBN, Tamara initially demanded P1.5 million as settlement, but del Rosario countered with P100,000. Because of this, the two parties failed to reach an agreement.

Two days later, however, Tamara reportedly accepted the P200,0000 offer from Viva, the outfit handling Sarah and Matteo.

OPINION: Humility produces instant results

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Even a giant should practice humility.

This was probably the lesson learned by ABS-CBN, the Philippines’ broadcast giant, as the company’s management finally opted to apologize to President Duterte instead of playing hardball with the Chief Executive that has already jeopardized the network’s very existence.

During the Senate hearing on the Kapamilya network’s franchise renewal last Monday (February 24), ABS-CBN President and CEO Carlo Katigbak aired the company’s apology to Duterte. He said: “We were sorry if we offended the President. That was not the intention of the network.” 

The display of humility produced instant results, based on the reactions from people close to the Chief Executive. 

Senator Ronald dela Rosa said he was already “one step closer” to supporting ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal. Senator Bong Go said he was willing to talk Duterte into forgiving ABS-CBN and supporting a fresh franchise for the network. 

Then came the statement from the President himself that he has accepted the network’s apology, although he is still letting Congress decide on the renewal. 

The best statement of support that ABS-CBN got, however, was from Duterte’s favorite daughter, Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio, who is being touted as the likely successor of Duterte in 2022.

She said: ”Davao City fully supports ABS-CBN sa kanilang pagpapa-renew ng kanilang franchise. Of course malaki din ang suporta ng ABS-CBN sa Davao City at sa buong bansa…Hopefully ma-resolve in a very positive way ang issue ng franchise ng ABS-CBN…Of course, alam niyo si President Duterte, maawain ‘yan na tao. Iniisip din niya ‘yung trabaho ng maraming employees ng ABS-CBN.”

At the House of Representatives, the committee that has shown reluctance in acting on the ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal bills just directed the National Telecommunications Commission to give the network a provisional authority to operate effective May 4, or the day when its franchise would expire if still not renewed by Congress.

With all these developments, it is now hoped that the words are turned into action and the goodwill reciprocated.

President Duterte and his supporters have repeatedly said that ABS-CBN has shown bias in its reporting on numerous occasions, and evidently slanting its stories against the Duterte administration.

But Katigbak said: “Today, we want to make a categorical statement together with our chairman Mark Lopez that ABS-CBN does not and will not have its own political agenda.” It is high time that the network translated this into action via its reporting. 

With the crises—both manmade and natural—faced by the country today, Filipinos don’t need the kind of reporting that only fans division among the people. ABS-CBN should prove that it is really not allowing any political camp or group to advance its interest through its reporting.

ABS-CBN can always exercise its freedom of the press and expression, but not in a manner that is obviously slanted toward an agenda.

This doesn’t mean the network will now just turn a blind eye to wrongdoings or inaction on the part of the government. But these reports should be based on facts and balanced, not just focusing on the allegations of one side.

Of course, those in the political opposition and the leftist groups wouldn’t like this idea. Surely, Duterte and ABS-CBN patching up their differences would bring frowns to their faces. Leave them be. 

Just imagine the country’s largest broadcast network working together with a President that has an approval rating of 87 percent. This should do wonders in calling Filipinos into collective action in tackling the crises being faced by the country today.

Drilon starts process of granting provisional authority to operate to ABS-CBN

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With the upper and lower chamber still showing clear bias for and against the renewal of ABS-CBN’s legislative franchise, opposition Senator Leader Franklin Drilon filed on Wednesday (February 26) a resolution pushing for the grant of a provisional authority to operate to the network giant.

The provisional authority that Drilon is seeking will be effective from May 4, or the expiry date of ABS-CBN’s 25-year legislative franchise, up to the end of the 18th Congress, in case the network’s application for renewal was not approved.

“It is therefore respectfully submitted that the Congress, by concurrent resolution, may authorize the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to issue a provisional authority, subject to terms and conditions, to ABS-CBN and other entities similarly situated, authorizing them to continue operating subject to Congress’ eventual disposition of the renewal applications,” Drilon’s Concurrent Resolution 6 said.

The Senate Minority leader’s action was prompted by the declaration of Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra during the upper house’s hearing on the ABS-CBN franchise last February 24 that the NTC can issue a provisional authority to operate to the network if ordered by Congress.

Drilon highlighted the urgency of the resolution, as there are now only eight session days before Congress takes a break on March 13. It will resume sessions on May, the last day of ABS-CBN’s franchise life.

“Both the Senate and the House of Representatives need additional time to review and determine whether or not ABS-CBN Corporation shall be granted the renewal of its franchise,” he said.

While the Senate is clearly on the side of ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal, the House of Representatives—where the franchise bill should emanate under the Constitution—continues to show reluctance to act on the matter.

While 11 bills have been filed at the lower house seeking the renewal of the network’s franchise, the relevant committee has not calendared the matter for a hearing.

DOJ: National Telecommunications Commission can issue provisional franchise to ABS-CBN sans renewal

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Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra clarified that the National Telecommunications (DOJ) can issue a provisional authority to operate to ABS-CBN should Congress fail to extend its legislative franchise when it expires on May 3.

This was the opinion given by Guevarra during the first day of the Senate hearing on the ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal on Monday (February 24).

“Congress, by concurrent resolution, may authorize NTC to issue provisional authority subject to such terms and conditions , authorizing them (ABS-CBN) to continue operating subject to Congress’s eventual disposition…,” Guevarra said.

NTC Commissioner Gamaliel Cordoba, who was also questioned during the hearing, said 

with this opinion from the Department of Justice (DOJ), the commission will now wait for the action of Congress and it would give ABS-CBN the provisional franchise.

“We would have to put in the conditions that has to be issued by the NTC so if there are violations to those conditions, then we should be able to withdraw that provisional authority,” Cordoba said.

He recognized that there were indeed instances in the past when companies were allowed to continue to operate even if their franchises had expired. But these were allowed by the NTC based on the instructions given by lawmakers during the congressional hearings on the franchise renewal.

Cordoba said they needed an opinion from the DOJ because the case of ABS-CBN is different since there is a quo warranto petition filed by the Office of the Solicitor General alleging serious violations of the Constitution and laws against the network.

Before questioning the resource persons, senators also gave their opinion on the legality of the hearing they are conducting, as it could be violating the separation of powers among the three branches of government, as prescribed in the Charter, as well as the provision that states all legislative franchises must emanate from the House of Representatives.

The senators agreed that they can proceed with the hearing, as long as they would not report its result to the Senate plenary prior to the submission of the approved bill from the lower chamber. 

The network’s leadership came in full force, including Carlo Katigbak, ABS-CBN president and chief executive officer; Mark Lopez, chairman; Cory Vidanes, chief operating officer for broadcast; Mark Nepomuceno; Ron Valdueza, chief finance officer; Maxim Uy, ABS-CBN Legal Division; Mario Bautista, ABS-CBN General Counsel; and Enrique Quiason, ABS-CBN corporate secretary.

Duterte wants PH to strengthen military on its own, not keen on defense pacts with China, other nations

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Contrary to insinuations that President Duterte will also be pivoting toward China for the country’s defense policies, Malacanang stressed that the Chief Executive will not entertain a joint military pact with Beijing after he junked the Visiting Forces Agreement with the US.

Salvador Panelo, Duterte’s chief legal counsel and spokesman, said the President would rather that the country rely on its budget and capabilities in strengthening its military prowess than continue relying on foreign powers.

“Talagang desidido siya (Duterte) na tumayo na tayo sa ating kakayahan. If that will mean you will be spending more, then let’s spend more,” Panelo said in an interview with ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) on Friday (February 21).

Panelo narrated that he asked if Duterte is looking at having a pact similar to the VFA with China or any other country, and the President answered “no”.

Manila has already informed Washington of its decision to end the 20-year VFA, which legalizes the presence of US troops on Philippine soil and the joint US-Philippines military exercises. 

This was after Washington included in its 2020 budget law a provision that bans the entry of Philippine officials who had  something to do with the incarceration of opposition Senator Leila de Lima. 

Subsequently, the US visa of Senator Ronald dela Rosa was scrapped.

But there is still a possibility that the Executive Branch’s move to end VFA without prior approval from the Senate could be questioned before the Supreme Court.

Panelo said for the President, the country’s only enemies are the terrorists and Moro rebels, which can be handled by the government troops. “Sabi niya ito lang ang kalaban natin. Kaya natin iyon dahil kung hindi natin kaya ito, wala tayong karapatan maging gobyerno.”

Group of cable TV operators sustains OSG’s case vs ABS-CBN’s pay-per-view operations

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A group of cable TV operators echoed the allegation made by the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) that ABS-CBN is illegally operating pay-per-view channels to the detriment of small to medium cable operators.

Estrellita Juliano-Tamano, chair of the Federation of International Cable TV Associations of the Philippines (FICTAP), said the franchise of the country’s largest broadcast network is only for free TV and test broadcasts.

This is why the National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) ordered ABS-CBN in 2015 to stop offering pay-per-view channels through its TV Plus. 

This is also the reason FICTAP opposed ABS-CBN’s application for franchise renewal in 2014—or during the 16th Congress—when the network tried to obtain license for multiple channels, instead of just one.

Congress did not approve ABS-CBN’s application that time, which came as a relief to the FICTAP members.

Tamano stressed: “Kung na-approve ‘yun (franchise) noong 16th Congress, it will justify their pay-per-view.”

This, she noted, would have jeopardized the jobs of around 24,000 employees of the 600-member FICTAP. “Ang maaapektuhan ng ginagawa nila ‘yung employees namin, mawawalan ng trabaho. Bakit ganun, sila lang ang may 11,000? Kami ang mawawalan ng hanap buhay.”

Also, Tamano said ABS-CBN is now trying to force the renewal of its franchise in just so short a time, when the network did not bother to get congressional approval in the 17th Congress (or from 2016 to 2019).

“Bakit sila gusto nilang mag-shortcut? Kami, six years sa NTC para lang magkaroon ng license ang operators. Tapos sila shortcut lang?” she asked.

The OSG, in seeking the forfeiture of ABS-CBN’s franchise via the quo warranto case it filed before the Supreme Court, outlined four major violations of the network.

One of these is its “illegal” pay-per-view operations.

Ogie Alcasid, Louie Ocampo collaborate in new song to drum up support for ABS-CBN

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Songwriters and ABS-CBN talents Ogie Alcasid and Louie Ocampo have collaborated in producing a song dedicated to the Kapamilya network and its followers titled “Salamat Kapamilya”.

The two recorded the roughly 2 minutes and 20 seconds song in a video that was posted by Ogie in his Instagram account ogiealcasid on Friday (February 14). Ogie has more than 1.1 million IG followers.

Ogie sang the song while Louie played the piano accompaniment.

Ogie, before singing their composition, said: “As you know we’re both songwriters, and gusto lang namin iparinig sa inyo ang isang awitin na alay po namin sa inyong mga Kapamilya,”

Ogie and Louie are both members of the panel of judges, or “Hurado”, in the “Tawag ng Tanghalan” segment of ABS-CBN’s noontime show “It’s Showtime”.

The song goes:

Kay bilis lumipas ng mga taon
‘Di natin akalaing tayo’y magtatagal
Sa haba ng pagsasama, kayo’y hindi bumitaw
Tunay na Kapamilya, Luzon hanggang Mindanao

At maging sa buong mundo, basta’t may Pilipino
Ang lahat nagkakaisa, ganyan talaga ang Kapamilya

Kami’y nagpapasalamat sa inyong lahat
Hindi malilimutan ang inyong pagmamahal


ABS-CBN’s legislative franchise is now facing two challenges: one is the quo warranto case filed by the Office of Solicitor General over alleged violations of the Constitution and laws committed by the network, and the other the reluctance of the lawmakers to approve the renewal of its 25-year franchise, which is due to expire on March 30.

#YesToShutdownabscbn trends on Twitter

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The biggest network in the Philippines is now also at the center of a trial by publicity, with netizens tweeting by the thousands about ABS-CBN’s alleged violations of the Constitution that caused the hashtag #YesToShutdownabscbn to trend on Twitter on Wednesday (February 12).

The Kapamilya network became a top Trending in Philippines topic after the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) filed a quo warranto petition seeking the revocation of ABS-CBN’s franchise before the Supreme Court (SC), as well as a Manila Times report saying the corporation is now partly owned by foreigners, which violates the Constitution.

While some tweets directly attacked ABS-CBN over the alleged infractions committed by the network, some urged its management to use this opportunity to clear its name in court.

@Boymejo, for instance, said: “Sabi ng ABS-CBN wala silang nilabag na batas. Ok. Prove that to the Supreme Court. If you are right, the SC will just dump the Quo Warranto Petition of SolGen Calida. It’s that simple. Stop whining.”

One of the most retweeted tweets was that of @Dutertenomics, which stated: “It is not about saving the employees of ABS-CBN, this is the wrong narrative created by ABS-CBN to cover their illegal acts against the People of the Philippines. This is all about doing what is right and just according to the law of the land.”


Even the talents of ABS-CBN like Vice Ganda and Regine Velasquez were attacked in the thread. @Djigd11 said: “it’s time to shut it down para naman mawala na si vice s TV puro lang kabaklaan turo s mga kabataan live national TV tinuturuan mga kabataan makipag relasyon s kapwa lalaki nakakasuka.”

Regine received plenty of rebuttals for her tweet: “Paano ang Pinoy kung walang Cardo, Vice Ganda, KathNiel?”

EDITORIAL: ABS-CBN should be thanking SolGen Calida for presenting opportunity to clear its name

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Instead of frowning or whining over the quo warranto case filed by the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) before the Supreme Court (SC), ABS-CBN and its supporters should be welcoming this development as a perfect opportunity to finally prove that the allegations of wrongdoing against the network are not true right before the highest tribunal of the land. 

Everyone knows that it is always the wish of an innocent individual to have his day in court. And this is what the case filed by Solicitor General Jose Calida last February 10 has presented to ABS-CBN.

While ABS-CBN’s management has already issued a public statement claiming it has not broken any law, clearing its name in the court of public opinion will not suffice in the face of numerous legal challenges to its very existence.

Calida, in seeking the forfeiture of ABS-CBN’s 25-year franchise that is due to expire on March 30, 2020, outlined four major violations that the country’s largest broadcast network allegedly committed.

These are:

—ABS-CBN’s pay-per-view operations via ABS-CBN TV Plus and the KBO Channel are broadcasting for a fee without prior approval or permit from the National Telecommunications Commission;

—The “ingenious corporate layering scheme” used by ABS-CBN Convergence, Inc. to transfer its franchise without the necessary Congressional approval;  

—ABS-CBN issued Philippine Depositary Receipts to foreigners; and

—ABS-CBN failed to publicly offer any of its outstanding capital stock to any securities exchange within the Philippines within five years from the start of its operations, which is an indispensable condition in its franchise.

Former Press Secretary Rigoberto Tiglao, in his column published by the Manila Times on Wednesday (February 12), said ABS-CBN has sold 22 percent of its shares to US and Singaporean firms, a violation of the Constitution, which only allows 100-percent Filipino ownership for the mass media.

Merely harping “freedom of the press” and “freedom of expressions”  via the mainstream and social media is certainly not the proper response to these serious allegations. These are alleged infractions of the Constitution and laws that should be answered at the proper venue.

So instead of attacking Calida, ABS-CBN and its supporters should be thanking the Solicitor General for his initiative. 

Remember that in this age of digitalization, the mainstream media—where ABS-CBN is the king in the Philippines—is no longer just the source of information. Today people get more information from the social media. 

With this, the public’s opinion will not just be swayed by powerful media organizations or groups, contrary to when former President Joseph E. Estrada was ousted via a popular revolt buoyed by the rush of negative reports from the traditional media that was not sympathetic to his administration. Estrada then was very popular with the masses, but their voices could not be heard because they did not have the means afforded by social media today.

Now, Duterte, with an “excellent“ net satisfaction rating of +72, has in his side millions of followers that are adept at using social media as a tool to thwart any attempt by the traditional media to put him and his administration in a bad light. 

Against this backdrop, it would be futile for ABS-CBN, or for any group for that matter, to merely rely on traditional media in swaying public opinion against Duterte by claiming that he and his administration are violating “freedom of the press” and “freedom of expression” with Calida’s filing of the quo warranto case.

Proof of this was the hashtag #YesToSutdownabscbn that trended on Wednesday (February 12) on Twitter. The popular sentiment there was instead of whining in public, ABS-CBN should just prove its innocence in court.

And this is what ABS-CBN should really do. 

For many people, especially the poor, having a day in court is often difficult. ABS-CBN is a multi-billion peso corporation owned by a conglomerate. It should not have any problem getting the top lawyers in the country to defend its cause. In presenting its case before the SC, it will be able to fight its battle on two fronts: the legal arena and the media via the network’s own resources and sympathetic media outlets. This should give the corporation a fair chance.

Also, if ABS-CBN and its talents and supporters are saying that President Duterte is really bent on putting them out of existence, then the judiciary should be a welcome venue for them, simply because it is a separate and independent branch of government.

So having its day in court is really a welcome development for ABS-CBN. It should make good use of it.

Kathryn Bernado, Daniel Padilla to start shooting new movie ‘After Forever’ in San Francisco

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After being away from the theaters for over a year, love team KathNiel (Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla) will be starring in a movie dubbed by ABS-CBN Films as one of its biggest projects for the year.

The film, titled “After Forever”, will be the first of the real-life couple after the highly successful “The Hows of Us”,  which became the highest-grossing Filipino flick of all time in 2018.

It was, however, dislodged by “Hello, Love, Goodbye” in 2019 featuring Kathryn and Kapuso star Alden Richards.

Cathy Garcia-Molina, the director of “Hello, Love, Goodbye”, will be directing “After Forever”, according to ABS-CBN. The script was written by Carmi Raymundo.

The new KathNiel film was announced by the Kapamilya network on Monday (February 10).

While “Hello, Love, Goodbye” was shot in Hong Kong, “After Forever” will be filmed in San Francisco, California. It is targeted to hit the cinemas by the middle of the year.

The Hows of Us” ended its 50-day international cinema run with a gross revenue of P810 million, which catapulted it to the top of the Philippine highest grossing movie of all time.

A year later, however, “Hello, Love, Goodbye” grossed about a billion pesos.

Here are the alleged ABS-CBN violations that could cost the network its legislative franchise

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Even before it could see its franchise get extended by Congress, ABS-CBN’s existence is now also threatened by the quo warranto case filed by the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) before the Supreme Court (SC) seeking to forfeit its legislative franchises.


Solicitor General Jose Calida filed the case on Monday, and Malacanang immediately said it has nothing to do with the OSG’s actions, even if President Duterte himself had repeatedly expressed his disgust over the biggest TV network in the country for alleged biased reporting and the management’s refusal to air his campaign ads in the 2016 presidential elections even they had been paid already.

What are some of the ABS-CBN’s alleged violations outlined by Calida as grounds for the revocation of the network’s legislative franchises?

*  ABS-CBN’s pay-per-view operations via ABS-CBN TV Plus and the KBO Channel are broadcasting for a fee without prior approval or permit from the National Telecommunications Commission

  • The “ingenious corporate layering scheme” used by ABS-CBN Convergence, Inc. to transfer its franchise without the necessary Congressional approval  
  • ABS-CBN issued Philippine Depositary Receipts to foreigners
  • ABS-CBN failed to publicly offer any of its outstanding capital stock to any securities exchange within the Philippines within five years from the start of its operations, which is an indispensable condition in its franchise

In a statement: Calida said: “We want to put an end to what we discovered to be highly abusive practices of ABS-CBN benefitting a greedy few at the expense of millions of its loyal subscribers. These practices have gone unnoticed or were disregarded for years.” 


Rule 66 of the Rules of Civil Procedure states that a quo warranto case is a legal procedure against a person or a corporation that “usurps, intrudes into, or unlawfully holds or exercises a public office, position or franchise.” Former Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno, for instance, was removed from her office via a quo warrant case.

It may be filed against “a person who usurps, intrudes into, or unlawfully holds or exercises a public office, position or franchise; a public officer who does or suffers an act which, by the provision of law, constitutes a ground for the forfeiture of his office; or an association which acts as a corporation within the Philippines without being legally incorporated or without lawful authority so to act.”

ABS-CBN’s 25-year franchise is due to expire on March 30, and lawmakers are not moving a finger to renew it.

Kapuso network claims leadership in national TV ratings for January based on Nielsen data

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Using data from Nielsen, GMA Network again claimed leadership in national TV ratings for January 2020, beating rival ABS-CBN from the morning to the evening time slots.

In a statement, the Kapuso network said its average total day people audience share reached 34.7% in the National Urban Television Audience Measurement (NUTAM) compared to only 31.7% for ABS-CBN.

GMA’s shows in the morning block narrowly edged ABS-CBN’s programs 28.8% to 27.4%. For the afternoon shows, GMA had a big lead versus ABS-CBN at 37.7% to 31.4%. In the evening block, GMA had slim edge 34.8% to 33.6%. This includes the primetime slots.

These numbers, of course, will be disputed by the Kapamilya network, which is using the polls of Kantar Media. The ratings released by Kantar for January 28, 2020, for instance, showed ABS-CBN having 8 of the Top 12 shows in the evening block, with FPJ’S Ang Probinsyano leading the pack with 33.2 percent audience share.

According to GMA, Nielsen TV Audience Measurement’s client pool covers a total of 37 clients/subscribers consisting of local TV networks, regional clients, blocktimers, advertisers and agencies.

It said: “The Kapuso Network likewise ruled in all time blocks with wider margins in both Urban Luzon and Mega Manila, which respectively account for 72 and 57% of all urban viewers in the country. GMA registered an average of 36.7% total day people audience share in Urban Luzon; beating ABS-CBN’s 29.1%. With official data from January 1 to 25, the Kapuso Network kept its winning streak in Mega Manila with 37.1%, which was way ahead of ABS’ 27%.” 

Its ratings drivers for January are Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, Magpakailanman, 24 Oras, Pepito Manaloto, Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko, Daddy’s Gurl, The Gift, Beautiful Justice, Amazing Earth, One of the Baes, Prima Donnas, Eat Bulaga, Kapuso Movie Night, 24 Oras Weekend, Magkaagaw, Wowowin, Bubble Gang, Madrasta, Tadhana and Imbestigador.

GMA said this is a good start for the Kapuso Network’s 70th year in the industry.

PH’s ‘sexiest man’ Alden Richards wants to have a girlfriend—finally— this year

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Alden Richards, named the “Sexiest Man in the Philippines” for two straight years now, just announced that he is hoping to finally have a girlfriend this year.

The Kapuso star made this revelation at the media announcement of his new endorsement deal with the Lucio Tan Group for Embassy Whisky.

“I’m giving it time this year. Ayan ang sigurado!” Alden said when pressed if he is actively seeking a real-life romantic relationship.  

He noted that there is a big change that his goal will come true since it’s still the start of the year. ”Siyempre hahanap muna. January pa lang e. Ngayon ito na ‘yung time. Darating naman ‘yon. Kasi baka ‘pag ipilit natin, baka para tayong kumain ng kanin na mainit na ‘pag napaso, kasi ayoko namang maging gano’n ‘yung relationship ko.”

Already, Alden was rumored to have been wooing former Miss Universe Catriona Gray. But he denied it, saying he has not even personally met Catriona, who is now a contract star of ABS-CBN. Alden, of course, is a Kapuso talent, with his current primetime project in GMA Network being the series “The Gift”. He is also one of the hosts of “Eat Bulaga”.

Alden, aside from being one of the most desired bachelors in the country, has been voted the “Sexiest Man in the Philippines” for two consecutive years (2018 and 2019).

In the 2019 poll of the entertainment blog Starmometer, Alden received 56.9% of the votes.

He bested the likes of Daniel Padilla, Enrique Gil, Dingdong Dantes and James Reid.

Starmometer’s criteria for the poll are 30% charm, 40% physique and 30% popularity index. 

Alden and his team are now abroad for another endorsement. Photos of him on a plane wearing a face mask are all over the social media. This had his fans worried, as the world is now facing the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) that originated from Wuhan, China.

For instance, @Mhaicute tweeted:

Alden, in an interview with Boy Abunda last year, revealed that he last had a romantic relationship way back in college.  

ABS-CBN stars call on social media followers to support 1-million signature petition for network’s franchise renewal

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The stars of ABS-CBN are now banking on the support of their social media followers for the 1-million signature campaign launched by the National Union of Journalist of the Philippines (NUJP) calling for the renewal of the Kapamilya network’s 25-year franchise.

The network could cease to exist by March 30 if the bills seeking to grant ABS-CBN a new franchise are not acted upon by lawmakers. Standing in the way of its franchise renewal is President Duterte himself, who repeatedly said that he would do everything in his power to prevent ABS-CBN from getting a franchise extension. Duterte is accusing ABS-CBN of biased reporting and has not forgotten the decision of its management not to air his campaign ads in the 2016 elections even if they were paid already. True enough, the bills have not progressed in the administration-dominated House of Representatives.

NUJP, in launching the 1-million signature campaign last January 17, said Duterte’s action goes against freedom of the press and expression. Aside from physical signatures, the group is also using the change.org platform to gather electronic signatures. 

As of the afternoon of January 21, however, the change.org petition has only gathered about 5,000 signatures.


The stars of ABS-CBN have started campaigning openly for the petition. 

“The Voice of the Philippines” judge Lea Salonga, for instance, said in a Twitter post: “Yes, I have personal and professional reasons for this one. Not gonna lie.”

Currently on-leave “It’s Showtime” host Anne Curtis tweeted: “Please sign the petition. So many lives will be affected by the jobs that will be lost.” Fellow “It’s Showtime” host Vice Ganda, who also has his own talk show “Gandang Gabi, Vice!”, said on Twitter: “We will not lose our family”.

NUJP, after gathering 1 million signatures, plans to send the petition to Congress and hopes that the franchise renewal of ABS-CBN would be passed. The group said Congress should pass the bill and just let Duterte veto it if he really intends to shut ABS-CBN down.

Lea, Anne and Vice alone collectively have over 30 million followers on social media, so reaching that 1 million signatures should not be a problem.

KathNiel still Kapamilya

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Love team and real life couple Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla renewed their contracts with ABS-CBN on Wednesday afternoon (January 15), the network announced.

The two, known as KathNiel, both signed a fresh three-year exclusive contract with the network, according to ABS-CBN PR. Their contract signing was immediately hyped in social media, rising to the top trending Philippine topics on Twitter.

Among the upcoming projects of KathNiel with ABS-CBN is the TV series “Tanging Mahal”.

It is one of the new offerings that the Kapamilya network announced recently. Due for release this month are the teleserye “Make It With You” (January 13), the military drama “A Soldier’s Heart” (January 20), the zombie flick “Block Z” (January 29), and iWant’s “My Single Lady” (January 22).

Image Credit: ABSCBNpr / TWITTER

Other TV programs lined up are “Love Thy Woman” (Kim Chiu, Xian Lim, Yam Concepcion), “Kahit Minsan Lang” (Bea Alonzo and Richard Gutierrez), “Ligaya” (Ivana Alawi), “Heart to Heart” (Maymay Entrata, Edward Barber), “The Voice Teens” (new season) and “Everybody, Sing!” (Vice Ganda game show).

Daniel is also set to star in a movie to be produced by ABS-CBN titled “Kun Maupay Man It Panahon” with veteran actress and producer Charo Santos, who is also the CEO of the network.  ABS-CBN released its plans for 2020 amid uncertainty over the renewal of its congressional franchise, which is due to expire at the end of March.

Image Credit: ABSCBNpr / TWITTER

President Duterte, who is still fuming mad over the decision of ABS-CBN not to air his campaign ads in the 2016 elections, is vocal in saying that he would do everything in his power to block the passage of the network’s franchise renewal. Several bills have been filed in Congress seeking the franchise’s extension for another 25 years, but none of them has moved thus far.

ABS-CBN PR released videos and photos of Kathryn and Daniel during the ceremonies for the signing of their respective three-year contract extensions with the network. This caused the hashtag #KathNiel2020 to trend on Twitter.

Will Sharon Cuneta’s appeal to ‘Tatay’ Digong help save ABS-CBN from impending closure?

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Megastar Sharon Cuneta, who is known to be close to President Duterte, publicly asked the Chief Executive to reconsider his decision to block the renewal of ABS-CBN’s franchise, which will expire at the end of March 2020.

Sharon calls Duterte “My Tatay”. Duterte supported the candidacy of Sharon’s brother Cesar “Chet” Cuneta, who ran for Pasay City’s mayoral post in the May 2019 elections. Chet eventually lost to Imelda G. Calixto-Rubiano, who formerly represented the city in the Congress and sister of then-incumbent Mayor Antonio Calixto.

Duterte even joked during the celebration of 156th birth anniversary of Andres Bonifacio in Caloocan last November 30 that the Megastar wanted to throw her husband, Senator Francis Pangilinan, out of their house. The President was then angry at Pangilinan, who is a member of the rival Liberal Party.

After signing her contract renewal with ABS-CBN last January 9, the Megastar said: “I’ll just say this before saying goodbye—I pray that our dear President reconsiders his decision about ABS-CBN, not just because I just renewed [my contract with the studio, because] I can always find a job. But because everybody I grew up with here—who have remained loyal to the station and have grown up here having learned from the school of hard knocks and have become family and good friends—will lose almost everything they’ve built over the years, and even those that might choose to stay—if indeed, unfortunately goes that way—it won’t be the same.”

She continued: “So, I hope in my heart that our dear President reconsiders the thousands and thousands of Filipinos who have grown up here and learned the ropes here, and that includes me.”

The question now is: Will Sharon’s personal appeal to Duterte carry weight and help save ABS-CBN? 

Right now, with all the hate that the President harbors against the network, it would probably take more than just Sharon’s plea. It’s barely 78 days before the deadline, and if Sharon’s appeal would just fall on deaf ears, the country’s biggest network could just be signing off indefinitely, or forever.

Radio talk show host Jobert Sucaldito gets flak for suicide joke versus Nadine Lustre

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Netizens are urging Nadine Lustre to sue fellow Kapamilya talent and radio talk show host Jobert Sucaldito over his suicide joke against the actress.

In their DZMM program “Showbuzz”, Sucaldito made harsh comments against Nadine for her rebuttal of a column of Ricky Lo in the Philippine Star about her rumored separation with live-in partner James Reid, the other half of the JaDine star couple. 

Sucaldito said he did not like how Nadine disputed the contents of Lo’s column. The DZMM host said Nadine has herself to blame for her reported breakup with James.

Sucaldito apparently made fan of Nadine when he commented: “Di ba ‘yun naman ang gusto nila? Kuno kuno may mga labas ang pwet, naka t-back pa doon sa building tapos may nakalagay na mga caption na parang gustong tumalon. Sana tumalon na lang, kung ganun lang din naman pala.”

This joke gave birth to the hashtag “#SuicideIsNotAJokeJobert”, where netizens countered with nasty comments.

@dklustre said: “Having a toxic, insensitive and entitled journalist like Jobert Sucaldito is such  a shame. U insulted someone (Nadine)  because of her mental illness and told her to jump off the building. Srsly, ang bobo mo. U just encouraged someone to commit suicide++”.

@tomflordeliza commented: “The year is 2020 and Nadine Lustre may be wearing her first suit when she finally decides to submit a libel case and sue Jobert Sucaldito’s whack ass. Now that’s an OOTD I can’t wait to see lmaoooo #SuicideIsNotAJokeJobert.”

This was seconded by @jethgregorgeous: “Remember Erik Santos and his management also filed a Libel case against him two years ago. Willie Revillame left ABS because of him. He embarassed Morissette in public  television. He also called Maymay Entrata “Ilusyonada”.”

Some of the netizens said Sucaldito’s suicide joke goes beyond Nadine, as it is an issue involving mental state that needs to be addressed seriously and should not be made a subject of a joke.

ABS-CBN News head Ging Reyes, in an official statement via Twitter, said: “We in ABS-CBN News take the issue of mental health very seriously. This was even the subject of a recent documentary that was produced. We are investigating reports that DZMM host Jobert Sucaldito uttered inappropriate and insensitive comments regarding actress Nadine Lustre’s state of mental health. Our journalists and other members of our team are accountable for their on-air statements.” 

As of 3 p.m. on Wednesday (January 8), the hashtag #SuicideIsNotAJokeJobert already had over 134,000 tweets.

Will Kobe Paras follow in his father’s footsteps and become an actor-baller as well?

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People, especially those belonging to the so-called Generation Z, couldn’t get enough of University of the Philippines (UP) Fighting Maroon Kobe Paras, that the clamor for him to enter show business continues to grow by the day.

Although he failed to carry his team to the finals of the just concluded UAAP Season 82 won by Ateneo de Manila University, his popularity continues to rise, and his name is not only landing almost every day on sports pages but in the showbiz/entertainment section as well.

Reports said Kobe was offered a juicy deal by ABS-CBN to appear in a movie as a leading man. Some even said the plan was for him to be paired with “crush ng bayan” Liza Soberano. But Kobe doesn’t seem to be interested in being a part-time actor. Up to now, the lure of the showbiz spotlight has not attracted Kobe.

As everyone knows already, Kobe is a son of Benjie Paras, one of the best basketball players ever produced by UP. Benjie led UP to a UAAP championship. When he went to the PBA, he became the first Rookie of the Year – Most Valuable Player awardee in the same year. He then also starred in several movies and TV shows as a comedian.

Kobe is well on his way to following in the footsteps of his father. He is now in the Mythical Five of the UAAP. His next target is to enter the PBA. Who knows, maybe after that or in the midst of playing professional basketball, he might also become an actor.

Kobe now has a horde of fans, owing to his great basketball skills and superb looks. This is why he has a following from across sexes. And this is also why showbiz producers see him as a bankable talent. He is a good mix of Benjie and mother Jackie Forster, also a former showbiz personality. His brother Andre has starred in several movies already.

For now, however, Kobe doesn’t want any distraction, opting to focus solely on his basketball career. Well, let’s wait and see.

Quiboloy accepts Vice’s challenge, will not just stop ‘Ang Probinsyano’ but operation of ABS-CBN as well

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Kapamilya Vice Ganda’s challenge to Pastor Apollo Quiboloy to put a halt to the airing of ABS-CBN’s primetime hit “Ang Probinsyano”— just like how the leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ The Name Above Every Name claimed to have ordered the earthquakes in Davao to stop—has been accepted.

And based on the answer of Quiboloy, it appears that he won’t be needing heaven’s help, but that of Malacanang.

“The challenge is accepted,” Quiboloy said, referring to what Vice said in an episode of “It’s Showtime” last November 5 that he should also stop the airing of “Ang Probinsyano” starring Coco Martin, as well as the traffic in Edsa. Vice, in that episode, said: “Ipahinto mo na ang ‘Probinsyano’. Napahinto mo pala ang lindol eh. Napakayabang niyo pala, eh..Sabi niya raw, stop. Sige nga! Punta ka ng gitna ng EDSA, stop mo ‘yung traffic du’n!”

Quiboloy, in accepting Vice’s challenge, said: “Kailan mo ba gustong mapa-stop ang ‘Ang Probinsyano’? Isang buwan? Dalawang buwan? Tatlong buwan? Apat na buwan? Ikaw, pili ka.”

Then he continued with a political overtone, dragging the feud between President Duterte and the ABS-CBN management: “Baka sa apat na buwan, hindi lang yung ‘Probinsyano’ ang mai-stop, baka pati yung network mo stop na ‘yan.”

Quiboloy is a known big supporter and ally of Duterte, with his religious group based in Davao City. Duterte has threatened to block the renewal of ABS-CBN’s franchise, which is set to expire in March 2020. Without the franchise, ABS-CBN’s operation will cease. The President and his allies in Congress keep on reminding ABS-CBN of their disgust over the decision of the network not to air Duterte’s commercials during the 2016 elections campaign period even if they were paid already.

True enough, the House of Representatives has not acted on the 25-year renewal of the network’s franchise. 

As to the Edsa traffic, Quiboloy told Vice: “Sinabi mo na pahintuin ko ang traffic sa EDSA, paano ko pahihintuin, nahinto na!…Naging parking lot na nga ang EDSA, e, nakahinto na.Hindi siguro yun ang right word na sinabi mo. Pabilisin.”

The many ‘surprises’ unraveled by Marjorie Barretto

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Marjorie Barretto’s interview with Karen Davila of ABS-CBN News revealed to the public many surprises, heightening the public’s interest in the rift among the Barretto children, which culminated with a fight in front of President Duterte at the wake of the family’s patriarch Miguel.

Here are some of Marjorie’s revelations:

  • She had been at the receiving end of character assassinations for five years already
  • Controversial businessman Atong Ang was a boyfriend of her niece Nicole; Atong and Nicole had a relationship for five years, even before Nicole turned 18
  • Atong Ang is now the boyfriend of her sister Gretchen, who used to be the wife of businessman Tony Boy Cojuangco
  • Atong Ang triggered the tension at the wake of Miguel when he tried many times to make Nicole and her family leave before his, Gretchen’s and President Duterte’s arrival at the wake
  • She refused the gesture of Duterte to reconcile her and Gretchen because she saw the insincerity in Gretchen’s face
  • Claudine disrespected her when she refused to patch up with Gretchen in front of Duterte
  • Atong Ang tried to reach for her that may have started the scuffle  
  • After the Presidential Security Group separated them to secure the President, Gretchen attacked Nicole
  • It was Gretchen who had a nervous breakdown, and not her, as claimed by Gretchen in an earlier statement
  • Miguel was hospitalized for 16 days and Gretchen did not even bother to visit
  • Their father died of acute respiratory failure, not heart attack, as claimed by Gretchen 
  • For 25 years, Gretchen did not invite their parents to any of her properties even once
  • She became a mistress of Caloocan Mayor Recom Echiverri, who is the father of her younger daughter
  • Claudine sought financial help from Echiverri, but it was a setup for a molestation claim against the mayor
  • Her daughters, including young actress Julia, are “not for sale”, or not being offered to rich businessmen as rumored
  • She is open to reconciliation with Gretchen and Claudine, but not with the “fanfare”

ABS-CBN devoted close to 20 minutes of airtime for the interview with Marjorie over its primetime news TV Patrol on Tuesday night (October 22).

James Reid would still prefer #JaDine despite project with Momoland’s Nancy

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Kapamilya star James Reid took to Twitter to calm and assure the fandom of #JaDine that his love team with real-life sweetheart Nadine Lustre remains as his priority despite his upcoming TV series with Nancy McDonie of Kpop girl group Momoland.

James tweeted: “I’m honored to be part of the new project “Soulmate”on ABS-CBN but please guys, no love team names, I’ve already got one #jadine”.


James’ tweet came after ABS-CBN announced on Instagram the new soap pairing him with Nancy. “Soulmate” will be directed by Antoinette Jadaone under Dreamscape. Some of Momoland’s hit songs are “Bboom Bboom” and “BAAM”.

The hashtag #JaDine and James Reid became Trending in Philippine topics, as netizens welcome the tweet of James that he prefers not to be given a new love team name.

But James was also criticized in some tweets for his decision to accept the “Soulmate” project when he said he doesn’t want a new love team. “Kung may love team ka na pala, bakit mo pa inaccept yung new project Soulmate. Kung yaw mo na iship ka  ng mag fans kay Nancy, wag kang umasa na magiging successful yang project niyo, Masyado kang palinis,” a tweet by @greemoorning said.

But James was also praised by netizens for putting up his own record label and production management outfit. 


ABS-CBN tweeted this statement from James’ camp: “Apart from creating his own record label, Careless Music, James has also established his own family management company, Reid Entertainment Inc… He is currently fully committed to expanding his record label…”

Just last month, James made showbiz headlines after he announced that he was leaving Viva Entertainment and would be dedicating his activities exclusively to ABS-CBN. He rose to stardom after he joined reality TV show “Pinoy Big Brother” also on ABS-CBN.

Some say that James decision to separate with Viva spells doom for #JaDine.

Fans get first glimpse of #MaineMendoza movie ‘Isa Pa With Feelings’

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Fans finally got a glimpse of the much-hyped movie of Kapuso’s Maine Mendoza with Kapamilya’s Carlo Aquino titled “Isa Pa With Feelings”, with Black Sheep Productions releasing the first official teaser of the flick.

The 1 minute and 32 seconds teaser gave the viewing public a good idea of the character of Carlo, who plays the role Gali, a deaf sign language teacher.

Image Credit: Black Sheep / Isa Pa With Feelings

One of the scenes showed Carlo teaching Maine (named Mara in the movie) how to communicate the word “Sorry!” in sign language multiple times so she could deliver it with feelings.

There was also a scene where the two characters met for the first time inside an elevator, with Gali already thinking of communicating with Mara, but opted not to, prompting him to tell himself,” Ang torpe ko talaga”. Mara actually tried to talk to Gali, but she thought she was ignored, as she didn’t know yet that Gali was deaf. The next scene showed Gali seeing Mara dancing at the balcony of the same condo where he also lives, making him happy that they are actually neighbors. Another scene showed the two dancing together.

“Isa Pa With Feelings” is Maine’s first starrer sans Alden Richards. The two rose to stardom as the Eat Bulaga love team AlDub. 

Alden just became the Philippines’ new box office king after his movie “Hello, Love, Goodbye” opposite Kathryn Bernardo raked in about P1 billion in revenues to bag the title as the highest grossing Philippine movie of all time.

Maine has been a consistent top trending topic on social media, with her fandom tweeting a lot about their excitement over her forthcoming movie with Carlo. #MaineMendoza and #AldenRichards are often the Philippine top trending topics on Twitter.

Alden’s newest series with GMA Network, “The Gift”, had its first airing on Monday.

“Isa Pa With Feelings” will hit the cinemas on October 16. There will also be several block screenings scheduled for the flick. The movie is directed by Prime Cruz. It is under Black Sheep Production, which belongs to ABS-CBN Films group.

DFA chief Locsin a certified Alden Richards fan, to watch ‘Hello, Love Goodbye’ even if war breaks out

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Even Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro “Teddy Boy” Locsin Jr. couldn’t resist publicly praising and congratulating Kapuso actor Alden Richards, whose movie with Kapamilya Kathryn Bernardo, “Hello, Love, Goodbye”, just became the highest grossing Filipino film of all time.

Image Credit: Hello, Love, Goodbye / FB

Locsin, departed from his fiery tweets involving international and local issues, to praise on Twitter the good traits of Alden. Locsin engaged fans of Alden in a series of tweets and even promised to watch the hit Alden-Kathryn movie.

And in his tweet at around 11 a.m. on Friday (September 6), Locsin said: “Watching it this afternoon. I’m making time for this. I don’t care if war breaks out so long as it doesn’t interrupt the movie.”

Before that, Locsin said of Alden: “ “I came across him once. He was shy and modest. And look now at this. No one deserves it more.”

“Not often you see one who has it all but acts as humbly as though he hadn’t any of it; only other one like that is my idol Robin Padilla who has the well-merited self-confidence to make the fun of himself while having a great deal of fun at it.” 

Last Tuesday, ABS-CBN announced that the Star Cinema-produced movie already grossed  P880,603,490 for its worldwide run, eclipsing the previous record set by the Kathryn-Daniel Padilla flick “The Hows of Us”.

Julia Barretto: Gerald Anderson is just a close friend

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Actress Julia Barretto stated in clear terms that she and another Kapamilya star Gerald Anderson were never in a romantic relationship, although she confirmed that they are close friends up to now.

“Tapusin na lang natin ‘to. Let’s clear this whole issue, so we can put this whole issue to rest. Hindi ko siya (Gerald) naging boyfriend and hindi ko siya boyfriend ngayon. Therefore, wala akong inagawan ng boyfriend, wala akong inahas, at wala din akong nilandi,” Julia said in an interview with ABS-CBN News.

Earlier, Julia was rumored to be the reason behind the Gerald Anderson – Bea Alonzo breakup, which became a trending topic on social media for several days.

Speaking to MJ Felipe of ABS-CBN News, Julia stressed: “Hindi ako nililigawan. Naniniwala ako na may tamang panahon at oras para sa mga bagay na ganyan. Pero nanatili siyang matalik kong kaibigan ngayon.”

Julia also clarified that Gerald was not also the reason she and ex-boyfriend Joshua Garcia parted ways.

“It’s always been our own issues. We’re also very young, so we’re still trying to figure out ourselves, our direction in life, what we really want. I think the decision that we made was a mutual decision because we knew ‘yung makakabuti sa isa’t-isa. At the end of the day, pinili namin ang makakabuti sa isa’t-isa. Ayaw na naming i-damage ang isa’t isa, so we protected each other, because there is love,” Julia said.

She added: “Right now, I think I’m in the process of healing and moving forward from everything that happened in the past month, because hindi biro ‘yung pinagdaanan naming lahat. Hindi biro ‘yung pinagdaanan ko, ng pamilya ko, ng pamilya naming lahat.”

‘FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’ airs 1,000th episode

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The Philippines’s top primetime TV series “FPJ’s Ang Pobinsyano” starring Coco Martin just aired its 1,000th episode on Thursday night (August 8).

The series, based on the hit movie of the late Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ) in 1997, has been the top draw of ABS-CBN Channel 2 since its first episode aired on September 28, 2015.

The lead character, Ricardo Dalisay (played by Coco Martin), a provincial cop who transferred to the metropolis, has faced many villains in the series, from syndicates to rebels, terrorists and corrupt politicians.

It has featured budding and veteran artists, including action star-turned-politician Lito Lapid, who managed to win another senatorial seat in the May 2019 midterm elections.

Coco Martin, prior to the showing of the 1,000th episode of “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano”, thanked the fans and all those responsible for the success of the series in a video posted on the ABS-CBN website. 

He said: ”Sa lahat po ng hanggang ngayon ay sumusubaybay at nanonood po ng ‘FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’ kami po ay lubos na nagpapasalamat sa inyo. Sa lahat po ng staff, crew at sa lahat po ng artista, sa lahat po ng bumubuo ng ‘Ang Probinsyano’, maraming, maraming salamat po sa walang sawang pagmamahal at suportang ibinibigay niyo sa amin gabi-gabi. Kaya pilit po naming pinagbubuti at pinapaganda ang bawat episode para matumbasan po namin ang pagmamahal na ibinibigay niyo. Maraming, maraming salamat po.” 

Veteran actress Susan Roces, widow of FPJ and grandmother of Ricardo Dalisay in the TV series, also thanked the fans for their continuing support: “Mga ka-Probinsyano, kayo ang nagsisilbing inspirasyon sa aming mga ginagawa dito. Kahit anong pagod namin sulit na sulit. Maraming maraming salamat sa inyong lahat.”

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