Iza emosyonal sa unang Halloween ng anak

Benta ang Darna costume ng anak ni Iza Calzado na si Baby Deia. Amihan costume raw sana ang gustong ipasuot ni Iza, pero, na-realize niya na super baby pa ito  para sa nasabing kasuotan.

Ang  cute-cute naman  ni Deia sa kanyang ‘Darna’ costume. Sey ni Iza sa kanyang Instagram post;

“Dear Deia,

“Halloween 2023– I wasn’t sure if we were going to dress you up but I felt it would be memorable for your first Halloween. Darna was not at the top of my list. My first option, Amihan, would be too bulky for your age, others were hard to source out. Then the designers said they could make the Zora/ Darna costume and I knew it was meant to be.

“You see, when we did my photoshoot for Darna (the TV series) last year, it was also the first day your daddy and I heard your heartbeat. This check up with the doctor officially confirmed you had joined us from the cosmos! I still remember how Daddy and I cried when we listened to your strong heartbeat.

“Here you are now, showing us your strength and your undeniable light. I hope that wherever life takes you, you can always find your inner Superhero, your inner Darna, to propel you forward.” (Rose Garcia)

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