Appearance: Abby Viduya receives a wedding proposal from Jomari Yllana in Hong Kong.

Abby Viduya sobbed with happiness as her spouse, actor Jomari Yllana, officially proposed to her while they were still getting ready for their wedding. Formerly known as artist Priscilla Almeda, Viduya provided a picture of the moment Yllana proposed at The Peak in Hong Kong, where, in her account, their passion history began. To celebrate the actor’s holiday, the pair had flown to Hong Kong. ” He made a proposal, and I said” Yes.” What a huge shock this was! On Monday, August 21, she posted on her Instagram website,” I wasn’t expecting this child. ” I was unable to cease crying. Baby, you bring me such joy. I will love you forever. Interesting thing is, we have no ceremony ideas at all.

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