Young Americans are partying hard and spreading Covid-19 quickly

in World News

By Rachel Adams-Heard | Bloomberg News

COVID-19 is increasingly a disease of the young, with the message to stay home for the sake of older loved ones wearing off as the pandemic wears on.

The dropping age of the infected is becoming one of the most pressing problems for local officials, who continued Wednesday to set curfews and close places where the young gather. US health experts say that they are more likely to be active and asymptomatic, providing a vast redoubt for the coronavirus that has killed almost 130,000 Americans.

A large crowd fills the beach in Manasquan, New Jersey, on June 28, 2020. With large crowds expected at the Jersey Shore for the July Fourth weekend, some are worried that a failure to heed mask-wearing and social distancing protocols could accelerate the spread of the coronavirus. Young and ‘invincible’

In Arizona, half of all positive cases are people

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