Life on hold

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Published July 1, 2020, 2:18 PM



Jullie Y. Daza

Half the year gone and clueless where we are today and what tomorrow will be like! New normal? It’s not anything like saying 60 is the new 40; betcha it’s more like 40 feels like 60!

Elnora Halili, Lily Monteverde, Tony Pastor, who are all superior senior citizens and pianists, are having a more play-ful time than the rest of us. With their pianos and on 10 skillful fingers each, they pass the time more quickly for themselves and their followers by entertaining us with their fabulous repertoires of piano melodies from Mozart to Louie Ocampo and Crash Landing. From their homes, their mini-concerts take our minds off the monotony of

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Photo Credit: Manila Bulletin

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