Poll: Pinoys to trim travel budgets with lower wages

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DOMESTIC tourists will be trimming their vacation budgets, even as they are likely to visit “Sun and Beach” destinations that require plane rides, once Covid travel restrictions are lifted. In fact, Boracay, the so-called crown jewel of Philippine tourism, remains top of mind of many bakasyonistas, according to a government-sponsored travel survey.

In the Philippine Travel Survey Report commissioned by the Department of Tourism (DOT) and undertaken with the Asian Institute of Management and Guide to the Philippines, 44 percent of the 12,732 respondents see a reduction in their travel budgets, primarily because a majority (74 percent) project a cut in their incomes from 10 percent to over 50 percent.  However, “for those expecting greater than 50-percent income reduction, it is interesting to note that majority still expect to reduce their travel budgets rather than completely eliminating it,” according to the survey which was presented at a webinar on Monday.

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