14 Filipinos missing from fishing boat after collision at sea

in Philippines

The missing fishermen were heading for the capital, Manila, early on Sunday when the collision happened [File: Francis R Malasig/EPA]

The Philippine coastguard continued its search on Monday for 14 people missing since their fishing boat collided with a Hong Kong-flagged cargo vessel in choppy waters.

It was not immediately clear if the fishing boat sank and the search for its occupants was being hampered by strong waves, officials said.

The Philippine coastguard said the cargo vessel MV Vienna Wood collided with the FV Liberty 5 after midnight in the early morning hours of Sunday about 27km (17 miles) off the western coast of Mamburao town in Mindoro Occidental province south of the capital, Manila. The cause of the collision remains unclear.

A light plane and a helicopter joined a coastguard ship in the search on Monday for the 12 fishermen and two passengers who were on board

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Photo Credit: Aljazeera

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