NSJBI puts Filipinos first with digital homebuying efforts

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Prioritizing clients’ safety and welfare, New San Jose Builders Incorporated, premier Filipino real estate developer, stepped up their business’ overall communication efforts amid the critical times through its recently launched website redesign project– www.nsjbi.com.ph.

Built around customer feedback, the website promotes seamless digital and contactless home-buying with its streamlined, user-focused design that guides prospective and existing clients to the information and services with ease.

Being digitally aggressive on for sales and marketing initiatives is really the way to go. 

“NSJBI is now ready for contactless buying of properties. With this [website] update, we are giving our buyers another way of doing business and make things easier for all our clients. An access to our site and a tap on their phones will give our buyers the option to reserve their future home wherever they are,” said Leo A. Barrosa, Senior Vice President of NSJBI. 

On the homepage, an addition

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  1. NSJBI keeps selling condominium units of different projects they are launching with pretty promises of fast and quality worth it homes. But the question is “WHEN IS REAL TURN OVER DATE” of every building they promised. Since 7 years ago until now the year 2020, they are still in the mode of PRE-SELLING stage where the first condominium buyers are facing a hard time finding a place to live in even buyers are diligently paying on time, the buildings are NOT YET FINISHED. May the NSJBI license will expire soon and still, they are not able to finish the condominium buildings. They must have mercy to their buyers because buyer’s first goal is to have a house to call their home. People keep renting a house until now because of the delay in the turn over of projects of New San Jose Builders, Inc. Hoping that NSJBI can prove their good quality of service and good effect on the people.

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