Project Force: What is behind China's naval ambitions?

in Philippines

The Chinese navy, or the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLA Navy), now has two fully-functioning aircraft carriers, the Soviet-era Liaoning and the new, domestically-built Shandong.

While seriously enhancing China’s ability to project combat power beyond its own coastline, they are also being used to train cadres of naval officers and pilots in the complex business of efficiently running aircraft carrier groups.

Rapidly developing this body of expertise is no easy feat but President Xi Jinping has big plans. Apart from the two already in service, two more aircraft carriers are being designed and built. Larger and able to carry more aircraft, they will have the means to launch heavier planes and to see and attack targets further away.

These “big ticket” defence items draw the bulk of Western attention and serve to boost a sense of Chinese national might but equally important, and often missed, is the development of the

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