The frantic move to discover a vaccine for Covid-19

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The mad scramble to produce the vaccine or antibiotics to stop Covid-19 reminds me of the discovery of the penicillin, which were among the pioneer medications against a wide range of bacterial infections caused, among others, by staphylococci and streptococci. Its discovery on September 28, 1928 by Alexander Fleming is considered as one of the greatest achievements in modern science, but it happened by accident. Fleming accidentally left open a window in his lab where he kept a Petri dish containing a sample of staphylococci.

The sample was contaminated by a number of molds from the open window. Upon closer examination, Fleming found out that one of the molds was killing the bacteria around it. Later, he was able to determine that this particular mold, now called Penicillium chrysogenum, grew on food like bread left out too long. He and his team cultured it and eventually created the first

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