Supporting our frontliners against Covid-19

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When fighting the good fight, even the best can be cut down. In this war we wage against the Covid-19 virus, our public and private health workers are holding the line. And sadly, we have experienced tragedies. At least five of our frontline doctors have fallen, giving their very lives to keep on treating people even though they knew they could probably be infected. We salute them, and recognize their heroic acts, thinking of others before themselves.

But we who can must still defend and support those who continue to risk their lives for their fellow citizens. Many other health-care workers have fallen ill or are in quarantine, and many of our hospitals—Makati Medical Center, The Medical City, and both St. Luke’s Hospitals—are now at their respective limits. And yet, if they can, they will still render aid, will still find a way to make sure a possible Covid

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