Mindanao gets ASF ‘terror’ jolt

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DAVAO CITY—Until now, practically nobody could come up with a plausible explanation yet on how the dreaded African Swine Fever (ASF) managed to sneak into the sleepy and dusty down of Don Marcelino town of Davao Occidental in the final week of January, more than six months after the first case of ASF infection was recorded in the Philippines’s Luzon island.

When the reports came of a lockdown in the transport of pigs (or swine, or hogs) and other pork products in the town, and the confirmation of the ASF incursion across the Davao region and the neighboring regions, authorities were jolted into the realization that the first case of infection just happened in Mindanao.

This southern Philippine island had put up a strong guard against incursions of other livestock diseases in the past, from the foot-and-mouth disease to bird flu, that were infecting Luzon.

Apparently, the quarantine protocols

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