Local Clubmakers Honored as Top 100 Clubfitters in the World

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Congratulations to Francis Go and Jake Ong who have again been honored as two of the World’s Top 100 Professional ClubFitters in 2020.

Passion and commitment to excellence have catapulted Francis and Jake to the highest levels in their profession.  Their fitting studio, Custom ClubMakers International, is considered the best in the country and is located in Mandaluyong City.

Despite the advent of sophisticated launch monitors, over 90 percent of all golfers are still playing with clubs that are not properly fit to them.  Many buy off the Internet, or off the rack.  Others seek the help of “fitters” who are inexperienced or who have limited access to a sufficient number of options that would enable a qualified fitter to select the design features required to perfectly fit the golfer.

Another critical factor in getting properly fit, is that the professional clubfitter must take the responsibility to assure that their

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