Demand for organic food on the rise in Europe

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File photo: Sandari Batulao’s organic garden produces different vegetables.

The appeal of organic foods continues to grow in Europe, presenting big opportunities for companies that can support this fast-rising consumer need, according to an export marketing official.

Agnes R. Legaspi, assistant director of the Export Marketing Bureau (EMB), said that more than ever, European consumers are buying into the organic trend, noting that  half of European consumers think organic is healthier.

The executive shared that 56 percent of French consumers buy organic food and drink products. In Spain, the percentage is 54 percent, in Poland 53 percent, Italy 49 percent, and Germany 45 percent.

“Organic food and drink products enjoy a perceived health halo among European consumers due to their clean label profiles,” Legaspi explained during a recent presentation on exporting to Europe.

To highlight the strong growth of the

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