Keep ‘em comin! Dingdong Dantes not offended by memes making fun of his name, picks his favorite

Keep ‘em comin! Dingdong Dantes not offended by memes making fun of his name, picks his favorite

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By posting his favorite “Dingdong Dantes memes” thus far, it appears that the Kapuso actor is even urging netizens to keep those witty tweets—with funny puns using his name and accompanying equally hilarious photos—coming.

Dingdong posted in his @dingdongdantes Twitter account what he thinks as the best meme. He captioned it with: “And the winner is …. Dingdong DoneTest!” with smiley faces. The meme, created by netizen David Carlo Lucenara, showed a photo of several people taking an exam, with the half-naked Dingdong raising his test paper already to indicate he has finished the exam while the others are still in the middle of it.

The witty memes have put “Dingdong Dantes” on top of the Trending in Philippines topics on Twitter with almost 11,000 tweets already as of noon on Tuesday (January 7). Netizens continue to tweet about Dingdong and share their own creative memes.

One funny meme had Dingdong wearing a shirt bearing the label of a popular Filipino snack “Dingdong”. In one photo, the face of Dingdong was superimposed on a picture of priest and was captioned “Dingdong Godbless”. Dingdong was also shown pushing a doorbell button and captioned “Dingdong”.

Other plays of Dingdong’s names with accompanying photos were: Dingdong Mic Test, DIngdong Dance Steps and Dingdong Dantes Peak.

Some netizens also used other celebrities in their memes and posted them on the Dingdong Dantes thread. Dingdong’s wife Marian Rivera, for instance, was not spared. Her memes included “Bavarian Rivera”, with her face on a bavarian doughnut, and Barbarian Rivera.

Veteran actress Susan Roces meme was “SUS N’ ROSES”. Singer Morissette Amon was placed on top of a Filipino chiffon cake and captioned “Morissette Mamon”.

If you find people laughing while looking at their mobile phones or computers today, it is probably because they have stumbled upon another one of those Dingdong Dantes memes.

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