‘SMART policing’ helps maintain peace and order in Boracay

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NEW BORACAY POLICE CHIEF. Lt. Col. Jonathan Pablito, new Malay Municipal Police chief, says on Tuesday (Nov. 19, 2019) that CCTVs in the famous Boracay Island help in maintaining peace and order. He said 17 CCTVs are installed under the Secured, Mobile, Artificial Intelligence-Driven, Real-time, Technology or SMART Policing program of the Philippine National Police. (PNA file photo by Gail Momblan)

ILOILO CITY — The new Malay Municipal Police Station chief installed on Monday has noted the significant help of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) in maintaining peace and order in the world-famous Boracay Island.

Lt. Col. Jonathan Pablito, new Malay police chief, said in a phone interview Tuesday that 17 CCTVs are scattered around the island under the Philippine National Police’s Secured, Mobile, Artificial Intelligence-Driven, Real-Time, Technology or SMART Policing program.

“I am very fortunate that Boracay is one of the areas of SMART policing,” he said.

The peace and order on the island will be monitored through the CCTVs, which connect to the command center located at Malay police station.

Pablito said it will serve as crime prevention in the sense that criminals will be discouraged from committing crimes and illegalities because of the CCTVs.

“It can also serve as a crime solution. If ever a crime happened, their getaway in the place will also be captured through CCTVs,” Pablito said.

Aside from the 17 installed CCTVs under the program, the new Malay police chief said there are also CCTVs installed by the local government unit and other private establishments.

“We will know further the issues on the island so we can have smooth coordination with the task force,” he said.

Pablito assured that he will work with the local government of Malay to maintain the island’s peace and order.

Last week, the local government has launched “Bawal ang Pasaway sa Boracay” to remind tourists and visitors of the island to abide by the rules on the island.

The slogan is connected to local ordinances that ban smoking, littering, urination and defecation in the beach, transit vending, among others.

“If the law is there, there is an ordinance, the police is in full support especially when it concerns public order and anti-criminality,” he said.

He encouraged the public to work with the law enforcers and become responsible members of the community.

“We will serve you with the best of our abilities and service not only with a smile but with true commitment,” Pablito said.

Pablito has previously served as the Iloilo City Police Station 1 chief. He replaced Maj. Jess Baylon who will be temporarily assigned at the Regional Personnel Holding and Accounting Unit. (PNA)

Photo Credit: Philippine News Agency

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