The Longest Drivers in Golf Krank Golf smashes its way to our shores

in World News

Story & photos by Mike Besa

The driver is the sexiest club in the bag.

On this there is no argument. What’s sexier than smashing a golf ball further into the distance than you ever have before? That brings on intense emotions which are incredibly intoxicating and euphoric; it’s why golfers put down big bucks for the big stick.

You won’t find the longest hitters on the PGA Tour. We might marvel at Rory, Brooks, DJ and the rest for their ability to fire a golf ball over 300 yards down the fairway with stunning regularity but that pales in comparison to the 400 yard plus drives that are achieved on the World Long Drive Tour.

What does it take to hit a golf ball that far?

Cameron Champ is the longest driver of the golf ball on the PGA Tour. The whole world is in awe of just how

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