Drilon should do a salceda

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Published November 16, 2019, 12:02 AM



RJ Nieto

Expressing his displeasure over the revision of the list of priority projects under the Duterte Administration’s “Build! Build! Build!” program, Senate Majority Leader Franklin Drilon said the list might not been “well-thought-of so that we revise them in the middle of the stream.”

A day earlier, he described the program as a “dismal failure,” saying “we can have a thousand projects, that’s all theoretical… If it is actual construction with actual disbursements, that would propel our economy.”

I find this senator’s comments confusing on several grounds.

Drilon is part of the Liberal Party that lorded over Malacañang through Duterte’s predecessor, then-President Noynoy Aquino… and we are all witnesses to the previous administration’s lackadaisical

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