3 decades later, it’s still a wild world for children

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ON November 20, the world celebrates the 30th year of ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), the treaty described by former South African President and anti-apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela as “the luminous living document that enshrines the rights of every child without exception to a life of dignity and self-fulfillment.”

The landmark treaty was inspired by the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, written by Save the Children founder Eglantyne Jebb, who saw children suffer the harshest impact of World War I and founded Save the Children—100 years ago.

Children play with a makeshift wooden trolley at the Liwasang Bonifacio in front of the Manila Central Post Office in Lawton, Manila.

She drafted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child that was adopted by the League of Nations, the forerunner of the United Nations. The document inspired the drafting of the Convention

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