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Manila – GCTA  Suspended, Senate step – in to clarify.

Malacañang Palace will go after to some officials of the Bureau of Corrections (BUCOR) who are responsible for the release of 22 high profile convicted for drug trafficking, kidnapping with ransom, Murder, Rape with murder, carnapping and parricide (including those Chinese, convicted for drug trafficking, fowarded to Immigration for deportation) due to misinterpretation of R.A. 10592 Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA) Law.

The information published due to uproar of the public after the announcement that convicted for 7 counts for murder and rape, former Calauan, Laguna Mayor Antonio Sanchez is possible to be released.

In my personal opinion:

I honestly believe that R.A. 10592 passed by the 15th Congress and signed into law by former President Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino on May 29, 2013, with a clean conscience and clear mind that objectively, those who will be granted earlier release are only those who are qualified in accordance with the provisions of the said law.

The case of Antonio Sanchez and those who were granted liberty due to GCTA, which is now the subject of Senate Inquiry, scheduled tommorow, wherein the subpoena has been sent to BUCOR Chief Faeldon.

The said Senate Inquiry will enlighten the public, what is/are the provision/s of that law, which seems confussing and disadvantageous to the best interest of Filipino majority. And to what point some Bucor officials has made it more conflicated and/or incomprehensible.

Ironically, the implementation of the GCTA law has been temporarily suspended, a bad news to those PDL (persons deprived of liberty) convicted of minor offense, who are incarcerated to provincial, city and municipal jails, their expectations to be reunited with their loved one are impossible to happen before Christmas Season, having said so, congested jail will be come more problematic.


WINIFREDO C. MANIQUIS, a simpleman, "Walking Tall' for Truth and Justice, and a paralegal by advocacy, was born on October 31, in the year of our Lord. went to UP Baquio, facilitated by Asian American Free Labor Institute (AFFLI) for Trade Unionism, Public Relations, Local and International Labor Laws and Basic Political Science (Diploma Courses). Started career in journalism, as P.R. officer / community relation officer of former Cong. Eduardo C. Zialcita from year 2000 to 2010, a stringer in Manila Star (2004-2005), member of Parañaque Press Club Quad Media Inc. member and awarded Best Columnist / Net Broadcasting Media of Cavite Professional Press Media Organization - Calabarzon, and Chief Reporter of People's Brigada News - Manila (2018-2019) Program host: Sa Totoo Lang! (Sumbungan ng Katiwalian at Korapsyon) @ Frankland Entertainment Net Radio and DWBL 1242 (block timer) A Rotarian and member of the Knights of Columbus, and self-trained Mixed martial-Arts artist.

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